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As people are becoming more interested in their spiritual side, a neighborhood shop with excellent freshly roasted coffee and a diverse range of Muslim books and tapes, is a welcomed alternative and/or addition to the local mosque. The Serenity is a specialty beverage establishment focused on providing freshly roasted coffee beans, coffee/espresso drinks and information to enhance our customers' spiritual experience.

We also understand that coffee drinkers interested in growing spiritually want a destination, not just a location; we provide them with the best of both.

Our goal is to be the destination for coffee drinkers seeking a non-secular environment in the Cardiff area. People of all ages and backgrounds will come to enjoy the unique upscale, educational, motivational and innovative environment that The Serenity provides.
We believe it is important to remain an active member of the community and to impact our customers' lives in more ways than the selling of specialty drinks.

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12 May 2012
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10 May 2012
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