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The Welsh Serenity

A welcoming inter-cultural hub of tea, coffee and baked delights, from the imaginative minds of barista Muslims.

Nobody in Cardiff really knows where to go if they fancy discovering a bit more about how Islam is manifested. They could try the library and learn about paper Muslims, but that won’t engage their intellect and get them into a thinking zone. The mosque is a possible destination, although that’s a very daunting idea that might even be met with a confused, bearded face or a padlocked front entrance. We need a neutral venue that members of the public can happily saunter into to take to a reading corner alone or just as easily break into lively debate with a fellow truth-seeker.

The Welsh Serenity will be brightly designed with soft furnishing and a variety of hot drinks on the menu – ‘The Welsh Coffee Company’ in Glamorgan sells locally roasted Arabica beans which will be served as a choice of speciality coffee. We’d also offer premium ice cold drinks, including ‘Mirinda’ – a favourite of young Muslims, fresh traditionally made welshcakes (bakestones) and perhaps a sprinkling of Asian or Arabian guest delicacies from time to time. Prayer space will be accessible for both men and women, and a dedicated bright and appealing exhibition area that could be used for lectures and entertainment on special occasions. We wish to locate our cafe in a busy street that provides adequate parking facilities; an out of the way locality will be counter-productive.

Our name choice was selected because it identifies the building as a part of the indigenous culture. We did not wish to take on a name that marked out the cafe as foreign, which it is not. Neither did we want to include the word 'Islamic' in the title as this, unfortunately, can mark as out as uninviting.

By January 2014 we hope and pray to be able to procure a shop-fronted commercial premises of 1500 to 3000 sq. ft. We anticipate a requirement of £250,000 as initial outlay to achieve our goal. We are now accepting contributions to our cause.

The objectives we have put in place for the first three years of operation are:

• The creation of a unique, upscale, innovative and spiritual environment that will offer a distinctive experience to the customer
• To make The Serenity the destination for quality coffee in a welcoming atmosphere that’s particularly appealing to those growing in their spirituality.
• The formation of an environment that will unite people with diverse backgrounds and interests together with a shared forum.
• To be an active and vocal member of the community, and to provide continual reinvestment through participation in community activities and financial contributions.
• Consistently providing excellent speciality beverages, bakery items, inspirational books and entertainment.

A welcoming, enviroment, to enjoy quality coffee and discover more about Islam.


The Welsh Serenity will have a high end Coffee Shop feel ambiance and  enable to invite the community to Islam:


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Download a copy of The Welsh Serenity Business plan C22ChurchesandCoffeeShops.pdf   [to upload]

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