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1) What is the Welsh Serenity all about?

The creation of a unique, upscale, innovative spiritual environment. Removal of all cultural barriers whether perceived or actual which prevent the community from discovering the beauty and serenity of Islam.


2) Where can I find the Welsh Serenity?

The plan is to be based on a busy street located next to prime anchor shops, sites discussed have been Wellfield Road & City Road.



3) How can I help?

May God reward you for your intentions.

You can help  by making a prayer for the success of this project, contribute ideas, spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, your own website, word of mouth.

Make a donation and asking family and friends to make a donation. You could also hold a fundraising event, for example collect funds at your local mosque.

If you are organising an event please place a reference to the Welsh Serenity on your flyer to raise awareness of the project.


4) How much is the fundraising target?

We need to raise £250, 000 in order to ensure this project is a sucess, this will pay for the lease refurbish the property and purchase fixtures, fittings and stock.

5) How do I find out more information?

You are welcome to contact us at the following:


Welsh Serenity
PO BOX 4242
CF14 8PL
United Kingdom

UK Tel: 0291 21 25 46
International: 0044 2921 24 25 46
Email: Info@WelshSerenity.com


6) Do I need to change my name when I embrace Islam

No. A Muslim is one who submits to God's Will, when the companions of Muhammad embraced Islam none of them changed their names.

7) Do I have eat Curry when I become Muslim

Of course not. Islam allows one to eat anything as long as it is pure, wholesome & permissible.

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