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Exhibition Islam

Please contact us if you would like the Welsh Serenity to conduct an Exhibition at your school, workplace or venue:

We have a beautifull set of 12 A1 poster set, as well artifacts such as exusitiely designed Quran, lush prayer rugs, authentic Quran holders and intresting brochures on Islam and Muslims

The Explore Islam Poster series


Titles include:

• What is Islam and who are Muslims?

• What do Muslims believe?

• Who is Allah?

• Who is Muhammad?

• What do Muslims believe about Jesus?

• What is the Quran

• How did the spread of Islam effect Europe?

• What is the role of women in Islam?

• Living Islam in the 21st Century

• An Invitation to Islam?

• A brief history of Islam in Britain

Format: 12 x A1 posters   http://www.exhibitionislam.com/books.aspx?ID=43

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